Operations Through The Covid 19 Crisis


Following enquiries from some of our customers regarding access to premises and servicing and certification of fire alarms and emergency lighting systems during this developing Coronavirus [Covid-19] situation please be aware of the following:

The servicing of Fire Detection and Emergency Lighting Systems is a Mandatory requirement covered within the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005

The Fire Safety Order outlines legal regulations and responsibilities of Responsible Persons (e.g. business owners or designated premises managers). If a fire takes place and you are investigated, your conduct against regulations set out by the Order will be analysed, and if found to be irregular or negligent then it will be considered a breach of this legislation.

The British Standards covering fire alarm systems and emergency lighting set the precedents and consensus for the quality of goods and services.

BS 5839-1 gives recommendations for periodic inspection and test of the systems and requires minimum bi-annual visits (maximum 6 monthly) in order to test the system and to maintain compliance status with the Standard.

BS 5266-1 2016 gives recommendations for an annual inspection and test of the emergency lighting system. 

Where systems are not tested on the due date within reason then they may be deemed to no longer comply with the Standards and you must be aware that this may have implications regarding your Buildings Insurance should there be a fire or accident due to failed lighting.

All our customers rightly have their own policies in place with regard access to premises and limiting social contact between CTA Engineers and Customers’ Staff and CTA will comply with your requirements.

Our Service Management team will continue to contact customers and advise the due test dates and accommodate any special arrangements and requirements you may have.

It is appreciated these are difficult times for all concerned and we thank you for your understanding.

If you have any queries regarding the testing requirements and implications of the Fire Safety Order then do not hesitate to contact David@ctafire.co.uk – 01795 519 822

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