Fire Alarm Installation

Simple, no fuss, wireless fire alarms

Our wireless fire alarm systems will protect your whole premises using a network of connected alarms, detectors and more.

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Hybrid Fire Alarm Systems

CTA Fire's Hybrid fire alarm and prevention systems are comprised of Intelligent Wired and WyrFree Radio Detection/Alarm devices, which together create a complete safety network offering full coverage throughout your premises.
As specialists in this innovative technology we can design, install, commission and maintain these systems in buildings of any size and scale across the UK.
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A traditional wire-linked system integrates with Radio Translator Modules that communicate with wire-free systems elsewhere in the premises. In other words, an entire network of sounders, detectors, call points, CCTV and more can be connected wirelessly and controlled using a single digital panel with a graphics-based monitor for operation.

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At a glance...

  • Combined wire and wire-free system
  • Reduced installation time
  • Perfect for multi-storey and complex layout buildings
  • Variety of detection and ancillary devices available
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  • Fully analogue, addressable, hybrid fire detection and alarm system comprised of Intelligent wired detection and alarm devices, and WyrFree radio detection and alarm devices.
  • A wide range of Décor Line finishes is available on all Intelligent and WyrFree detectors can be combined with a full range of ancillary hardware, for a maximum of 240 devices per loop. All devices are built with short circuit isolation.
  • Advanced microprocessor technology from manufacturers Kentec and Advanced Electronics can be found in all the Open Protocol panels and repeaters we install, including the Kentec Syncro AS Single Loop, the Kentec Syncro 2 or 4 Loop EN54 and the Advanced MX range.
  • Panels can be networked spanning multiple storeys and buildings.
  • Graphics software allows for desktop computer monitoring, including text and map displays.
  • Our hybrid fire alarm systems are BS5839 compliant, EN54 Part 25 compliant and 868 Mhz European Operating Frequency compliant.
  • Traditional wired and non-wired loops can be connected via 16mA (low power consumption) translator modules. All loop devices are assigned unique addresses allowing for full cause and effect programming. Expander modules can be introduced where devices have insufficient signal to communicate with the core loop.
  • A single translator can communicate to up to 32 fully intelligent WyrFree devices equipped with high-radio-noise immunity.
  • All WyrFree radio communication is carried out over 7 bi-directional encrypted signals, adjusting from one to the other to compensate for signal interruption.
  • Sounders and beacons support a 3 year primary/2 month secondary battery life.
  • Input modules, smoke detectors and call points support a 5 year primary/2 month secondary battery life.
  • All smoke detectors have an operating voltage of 15-40Vdc, a standby current of <70µA nominal, a max alarm current of 6mA, a temperature adjustment range of -30°C - +70°C, have a reed switch for functional testing, a double dust trap to prevent clogs, a bi-colour LED indicator, magnet test capability and are 110mm in diameter and 54mm tall including base.