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Light up the dark in an emergency evacuation

High-end, intelligent emergency lighting systems installed by CTA Fire help guide your patrons in an emergency evacuation.

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Lights and signage

The FIREscape LED emergency lighting system manufactured by Hochikiis CTA Fire's installation of choice. It's a unique, highly cost effective and environmentally friendly (made from recycled materials) evacuation solution.
It's the UK's first fully intelligent emergency lighting system making it ideal for commercial properties with complex or

multi-storey layouts. Up to 254 exit signs and/or route lights can be connected to two addressable spurs via traditional low-voltage cabling and monitored via a battery backed-up control panel. The control panel constantly monitors the condition of the luminaries and periodically performs automatic testing, as required by legislation.

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At a glance...

  • LED technology ensures reduced carbon emissions
  • Simple installation means reduced costs
  • Uses less than 5% of the energy that other systems consume
  • Exit signage is both wall and ceiling mountable
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  • Up to 15 EL-2 control panels can be networked in a single system, with a capacity of 3810 connected devices.
  • Devices include the EL-DL2 smoke sensor, the EL-DL3 multi-sensor, the EL-SL step light, the EL-40D exit sign and EL-20D exit sign.
  • Each luminaire can be set to one of 7 different light levels.
  • BS5266 compliant
  • Automatic, periodic system testing is carried around by the EL-2 panels with records stored ready for print out.
  • Graphics software allows for desktop computer monitoring, including text and map displays.
  • Luminaries are quick and easy to install on Hochiki "twist fit" sensor bases, fitted with anti-tamper locks.
  • Battery backup frees the luminaries from needing standard 230V fire-rated cabling, prefering low-voltage (more energy efficient) cabling.
  • Minimum 10 years system life expectancy, with 5 years panel backup-battery expectancy and 3 hour luminarire backup-battery expectancy.
  • FIREscape hardware is produced from fully recyclable materials, and incorporating LED technology ensures reduced CO2 emissions.
  • £186,534 approximate saving compared to a standard manual-test lighting system.