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Door access controls, locks and security

CTA Fire install access controls to protect your staff and property. Our electronic door controls are networked, wired or wireless, with PIN code or key card access.

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Security door access control features

CTA Fire makes use of the Paxton product range when installing access door systems. The solutions we provide come in both networked or stand-alone varieties, meaning you can digitally monitor every door opened in your entire property or simply lock out the unprivileged one door at a time. Wired or wireless door controllers can communicate with the

server upon activation and verify/deny a user's right to gain entry. Combined with Net2 Software our door access systems offer many versatile features such as timed lock-downs, user entry management, live event reports downloaded to your smartphone or laptop, sync with intruder alarms, lighting and other electronics in the property.

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At a glance...

  • Wired or wire-free system
  • Receive access reports remotely on your phone & laptop
  • Add more doors to an existing network effortlessly
  • Optional intruder alarm connectivity
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  • Net2 v5 software boasts new features including partitioning of permissions by user-type, one-off timer settings for general user access, and temporary timer settings for single user access.
  • Net2 Entry v2.13 panels now include a prior-to-installation demo mode, enhanced video voicemail and backup server functionality.
  • Net2 PaxLock products house the networked access control system within a slimline door handle.
  • Huge array of access control readers including PIN entry, keyfob, key card, vandal-proof, marine grade steel (suitable for outdoor use) and hands-free long-range (suitable for vehicle detection).
  • Entry keypads are back-lit and come in a variety of bezel colours to conform to your premises colour scheme.
  • Net2 Air Bridge is the USB connected receiver used for transferring communication between door access control and system server.
  • Control lighting, heating, water and air-conditioning and more via trigger relays and the Net2 v5 software.